A Summer Internship to Remember  

22 Aug

Where has the time gone by? That is what I found myself asking during the last week of my internship in the Special Events department at the American Ballet Theatre. My time with ABT was filled with amazing memories, new experiences and improved skills. I work with two talented women who truly made me feel like my work was important and I was a part of something bigger. And I enjoyed every moment of it!  

I worked closely with the Special Events Assistant Director and she allowed me to join in various department meetings. These meetings included sponsorship meetings, Development meetings, and Events meetings. These meetings gave me insight into some of the conversations that these departments have and how they work together towards a common goal. I was also able to learn about non-profit culture and expectations. This was very valuable information to learn as I might enter the non-profit world once I graduate.  

The Assistant Director also found it valuable for me to take on various types of tasks to ensure a well-rounded internship. These types of tasks included finance, communication, organization, data retrieving and entry as well as client correspondence. She made sure to explain the tasks well and why they were important to the department and ABT as a whole. This made me take more pride in my work and better understand the tasks I completed. These tasks also built skills that I had not known about before the internship.  

Working as an intern at ABT in the Special Events department has been a very impactful experience and created a summer I will always cherish. I made a lot of new connections, built my skill set, and learned way more than I anticipated. If I could sign up for this internship twice, I would do it in a heartbeat! 

Hazveen Lazare  

Special Events Intern (Development)

Summer 2022 



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