Seeing the MET through the lens of Finance 

22 Aug

I vividly remember attending ballet practice after school when I was seven. As I grew older, I slowly fell in love with the art. While I ultimately didn’t have the opportunity to pursue ballet as a professional dancer, I’ve retained an interest that has manifested in a thoroughly unexpected way. Through its Finance Internship opportunity, American Ballet Theatre offered me the rare chance to apply my field of study to something I have always loved.  

At American Ballet Theatre, I had the chance to work on meaningful projects that mattered and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of responsibility entrusted to interns. Over the summer, I worked on various projects under the guidance of Godwin and Leeann, who were, respectively, the Senior Director of Finance and Bookkeeper. Regardless of the task, whether it was filing Form 990 or analyzing financial statements and preparing bank reconciliations, Godwin and Leeann were always friendly and helpful, encouraging me to ask questions.  

While I worked in the finance department throughout the entirety of the summer, I had plenty of opportunities to engage with other members of the organization. Naomi and Julie hosted weekly meetings with the heads of different departments, providing interns with the chance to explore different paths and diverse perspectives within the dance company. It was a priceless experience to hear stories and advice from the Marketing department, Artistic Director, and CEO of one of the greatest dance companies in the world. Janet Rollé’s emphasis on the power of choice, service mentality, and embracing an authentic self particularly stood out to me.  

Interning at ABT also meant experiencing dazzling weekend nights at the Metropolitan Opera House and enjoying every performance of the summer season. As I was previously primarily familiar with classical ballets, seeing a contemporary choreography of Of Love and Rage was a breath of fresh air; the juxtaposition of jealous Chaereas and innocent Callirhoe gave a different kind of excitement from the destruction of hope conveyed by Odette and the prince in Swan Lake

As I reflect on my summer, I would like to thank Godwin and Leeann for their guidance and feedback, all the speakers at the weekly meetings, and Naomi and Julie, who made all of this possible. Working at ABT this summer allowed me to learn many new skills, meet amazing people, and immerse myself in the incredible world of ballet. 

Kyuree Shin  

Finance Department Intern

Summer 2022 


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