The Next Step at ABT

15 Feb

In June of 2022 I walked out of the Metropolitan Opera House basically speechless after seeing ABT’s Of Love and Rage. My mother and I couldn’t stop talking about the beauty and intensity we saw on stage that day. Shortly after, I saw that internship applications were open at ABT, and my heart skipped a beat. I could never imagine working where some of my favorite ballets were performed, and it became possible just then.

Cut to September, and I am having my first of many intern meetings. These meetings are designed to give you professional development opportunities, and also connect you with many leaders in the company. Hearing the stories of others in the arts field was inspirational. I was able to see how they used their business or communication backgrounds to succeed in a performing arts space, how they were able to channel these skills to further the message of ABT.

Each day I worked closely with my mentor and the rest of the Press Department. From the beginning, each member of the department was so welcoming, and I was able to dive right into projects and tasks. I worked on collecting article mentions of ABT in the press, finding press contacts, and my favorite part: writing. I have always found writing to be an interest of mine, and I was really able to exercise this skill during my internship. Whether it was pitches, press releases, or media alerts, the team gave me so many opportunities to write and edit. Through reading, writing, and researching I was able to get so much information and history about ABT, which was so rewarding for me as someone who used to dance.

What was most exciting for me during these past few months was being a part of ABT’s Fall season. As an intern, we got tickets to see many of the shows, but as part of the press department I was able to see so much more of what goes on behind the scenes. Throughout the season I saw rehearsals, photoshoots, and worked with the press and photographers for the Fall Gala. Being able to witness these performances and rehearsals was so special to me, but was also a moment of professional growth. I saw how the press department and the press interact, and the process by which an article or review about the company gets published.

Overall, this internship was so incredible for my personal and professional growth. I got so much hands-on experience with Public Relations and communications, but I also found how special it is to work for a nonprofit, and to work for an organization with a clear mission. As someone in business school, working somewhere like ABT wasn’t something originally on my radar, but through this internship I was able to see the impact of performing arts organizations, and I am truly grateful for this experience and everything that it taught me.

Mia Brown

Press Intern

Fall 2022


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