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Injury Prevention and Cabaret!

4 Aug

My summer as an intern at ABT has been a unique one because I am hoping to pursue a career in Performing Arts Medicine, which is not an aspiration that many ABT interns have. Having the opportunity to intern for the National Training Curriculum has been one of the best experiences that I could have imagined. As an NTC intern, I worked with Meghan Love, Tiffany Williams, and Molly Schnyder on preparing and executing the Summer 2014 teacher training sessions all around the world. The National Training Curriculum is a program that allows dance teachers to become ABT certified and learn how to make their students healthy dancers. To me, this means that they are learning a way to help prevent injury while still making sure that their students are keeping up technically, so I couldn’t have asked for a better fit for my interests!

One of the things that I enjoyed the most about my time as an ABT intern was the intern swap that we had with the Roundabout Theatre company interns. An “intern swap” means that there was one night where all of the ABT interns and all of the Roundabout interns met for dinner and went to see “The Dream” at the Met. Two weeks later, we all met up for dinner again and they took us to see “Cabaret.” It was great to meet other interns and hear about their future plans and aspirations, and have the opportunity to show them a bit of what it’s like being an ABT intern, and then they got to give us a glimpse of what they do.

Thank you to the American Ballet Theatre for giving me a wonderful internship experience!

Lisa Brachfeld

National Training Curriculum Intern

Summer 2014