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My experience with the “ABT Magic” 

1 Jun

When I was 17 years old, I remember the first day I stepped into 890 Broadway. I was a young plucky ballet dancer who was excited to begin her month-long stay in New York City for the first time for ABT’s Collegiate Summer Intensive. At this point in my life, I was at a crossroads. I was just starting to think about college applications and didn’t know if dance was my career choice. Being at ABT completely changed the course of my life – I had realized during that intensive that dance was decidedly just a passion, and not necessarily my future. It was also during that stay in New York that I fell in love with the city, and on one of my days off during that month, I got on a bus to Queens and toured St. John’s University for the first time. Little did I know that I’d be sitting here, writing this blog post, so many years later after graduating with two degrees from St. John’s University, and having fulfilled the dream of being at ABT once again. 

When I was a freshman at St. John’s I first learned about the ABT intern program. I could not believe that it hadn’t occurred to me before, if I wasn’t dancing as a career, I could work on the administrative side of a dance company. I spent my days dreaming of various ballet and performing arts organizations to whom I would send my resume and hoping I would get an intern offer – this went on for years. I had many other internships and great opportunities, but I never seemed to be able to land an ABT role. I had given up on applying for a while, but it struck me last fall that I should give it one more go. I submitted my marketing internship application and was hoping to get an interview to land the role for my last semester of schooling ever. I think this was my second dose of ABT magic, the timing was perfect, and I finally got the job.  

This semester was filled with a variety of projects. Even though I was fully remote, and the company was on tour, there was excitement to the work I was doing as I’d never had before. At this point in my life, I had decided that maybe the arts industry wasn’t for me, however, this internship completely reinspired my passion for the dance world. I am so proud of all the marketing projects I completed, especially the Like Water for Chocolate group sales research and outreach. This project focused on creating more awareness for this premiering ballet and driving ticket sales, I am happy to have played a part in allowing this new show to be viewed by content creators, minority groups, and interns at other companies. Other inspiring intern tidbits included watching videos of past performances, hearing from dancers in weekly marketing meetings, and to top it all off I attended the Fall 2023 photo shoot at 890 Broadway. While the photoshoot days were tiring, I was thrilled to meet the principal dancers and an Artistic Director that I have looked up to and idolized for so long. I felt a part of the ABT family – seeing the dancers dance and work in such a collective to create beautiful campaigns for our upcoming fall season is something I will always cherish experiencing. 

People talk about the ABT magic, I’ve heard stories of how everything that could possibly go wrong at a show goes wrong, but somehow ABT can pull it off. I believe that I got a dose of the ABT magic. I’m so grateful for this internship and all the ways that ABT has shaped my life and career choices. 

Jennifer MacIntyre

Marketing Intern

Spring 2023


1 Jun

Plié, (French: “bent”), knee bend in ballet. It is used in jumps and turns to provide spring, absorb shock, and as an exercise to loosen muscles and to develop balance. 

Plié was also the only ballet dance move I was familiar with prior to joining ABT. Ballet was never something that piqued my interest as a child. I was not at all flexible, and I still can’t touch my own toes after all these years. After months of working in the marketing department, I’m gradually learning a new language: ballet, a visual language of the elegant art form, but also a language that stands for passion and dedication. 

People think that working in marketing for a prestigious ballet company like ABT is all glitz and glamour, with endless shows, events, and dazzling spotlights. But, in reality, day-to-day work is more like doing Pliés to conserve energy and momentum while preparing for the next season, rather than constantly reaching high on pointed shoes. 

The marketing internship at ABT provides a unique opportunity to gain experience in the operations of a world-renowned ballet company. I was exposed to the various aspects of marketing in the arts through this program, learning essential skills and techniques that can be applied to careers in arts management and beyond.

Bella Wang

Marketing Intern

Spring 2023

One Step Forward

15 Feb

The little girl in a pink tutu smiling at her mom as she leaped into the air would have never imagined one day; she would be interning at American Ballet Theatre. At age 7, returning to Korea from San Diego, I never danced ballet again and thought I would never do anything relevant to the beautiful art form. Now at age 24, pursuing a Master’s in Performing Arts Administration, I have just finished my first internship at American Ballet Theatre as a Marketing Intern. The past four months have been an unforgettable journey; it was more than everything I could ask for. 

I had always been passionate about marketing, frankly without knowing what marketing meant and the role it played in the performing arts industry. Taking classes only gave me a general idea, and I craved hands-on marketing experience. Initially, I believed marketing was all about numbers and promotion, helping the organization increase sales by creating content. Through my time at ABT, I understood better the role of marketing and how to develop myself to become an efficient marketer. 

Two things that stuck with me and I will keep in mind in my future career developments are storytelling and the amount of collaboration that happens. While talking to my mentor, Steven, he mentioned the importance of understanding the consumer’s buying journey and how marketing promotes shows through storytelling. I enjoyed analyzing post-show surveys and connecting them to the audience’s demographic data. Another lesson I learned during my internship was the importance of collaboration between different departments. Attending marketing meetings, I could see the interactions between the marketing, press, and development teams. It was fascinating to see the different teams collaborate to achieve a common goal, and I enjoyed watching the various content created for the patrons. 

My internship at ABT was indeed an unforgettable experience. Everyone was genuinely interested in helping me, and there were many moments when I felt my voice was being heard. Thank you to everyone at ABT for giving me this incredible working experience! 

Kate Lee

Marketing Intern

Fall 2022

Transition to Behind the Scenes 

22 Aug

At age 3, I attended my first ballet class and at age 18, I took my final bow. When I decided to attend college instead of pursuing a professional dance career, I never thought I would be able to keep ballet and my love for dance in my everyday life. As the Marketing Intern for American Ballet Theatre this summer, I learned that there actually is a way to stay connected to dance as a member of the arts administration field and there is no better place to pursue this passion than at America’s National Ballet Company.  

As the Marketing Intern during the first season at the Metropolitan Opera House since 2019, it was a crazy and exciting time to join ABT. Almost immediately, I was thrust into the fast-paced work environment and already seeing my contribution have an impact. This isn’t a job where you just sit around waiting for work as an intern, there is always something important to do – especially during the Met Season. I spent most of my days curating posts for ABT’s Facebook page, editing videos from special events and the season for organic and paid social media, using Rival IQ to analyze social media metrics from the Met Season, and always picking up random tasks like creating email contact lists or reformatting something wonky. My biggest project was the Silent Disco event at Lincoln Center on June 18th and June 25th. I was responsible for curating promotional posts and emails, attending the events to capture content, and creating videos to re-cap the event on Facebook and YouTube. Having the opportunity to spearhead a promotional event on social and get to execute all aspects of the event for marketing was extremely educational and even more importantly, super fun! There is nothing more gratifying than seeing work that you have created all over American Ballet Theatre’s social presence – as a lifelong superfan of ABT it makes me giddy every time.  

Besides the overwhelming amount of real-world experience that I gained in digital marketing, it is the relationships I built and the memories I made that will leave the biggest impression. From the first day, the entire marketing team took me under their wing and made me feel like a part of the family. I cannot thank my supervisors, Britt and Steven, enough for their guidance and trust in me these past three months. During my time as an intern, I got to work and attend the ABT Summer Gala, dance under the disco ball at Lincoln Center (twice) and create lasting friendships with the marketing team all at the same time – it never really felt like work.   

I hope that I can return to the ABT Family again in the near future and continue working with the most inspiring and determined group of people I have ever met. Thank you ABT for a spectacular summer full of more surprises and beauty than I ever anticipated.  

Emma Guido  

Marketing Intern

Summer 2022 

At a Silent Disco at Lincoln Center

9 Months with ABT

7 Jun

Walking through the halls of 890 Broadway never ceases to remind me how lucky I am to be apart of ABT’s family. The pictures on the walls, the classical music being played live while company dancers stretch and rehearse, and the hustle and bustle of the JKO students on the 4th floor, running into Gillian Murphy in the elevator, it all culminates into one big inspirational experience. 9 months of ABT, 4 months in office, and 4 months remote. At this point, I can probably say I’ve done it all, or at least it feels like it.

This internship marked my second with the ABT teams. The first I spent in 890 working with Education, and the second I spent with the Marketing Team remotely. From initially coming back from COVID and into the office, to our first live performances at Lincoln Center, there were moments that were inevitably stressful, but equally as fulfilling. In January, I started working under Brittany and Steven, who are two of the managers in the marketing department. The marketing team was incredibly welcoming to me, and never let my hard work go unnoticed. One of the coolest opportunities I got to take part in, was the development and execution of our Summer 2022 Campaign. Within my first weeks in this new role, I was thrown into the deep end, as the team worked tirelessly to make ends meet and finalize the nitty gritty details. Everything from creating Google ads, to photoshopping backgrounds, and discussing music choices for the campaign video, were things my team dealt with during this time frame. Needless to say, there was no room for me to just be an intern. I knew I had to deliver work that matched the dedication of the rest of the team.

I will never forget how kind the entire staff at ABT was to me and my fellow interns. I have created some of the most amazing relationships with people in the Marketing Department, and the other interns in the program. From Cynthia Harvey saying hi to me from across the room as she taught the Pre-Professional Division students, to joking with Brittany and Steven over zoom calls, my internship is definitely something I will never forget. Thinking about the enormous network I was able to build during my time here, makes me excited for my future. I can’t wait to return to 890 soon and say hi to the familiar faces behind the masks.
Emma Zordan
Marketing Intern
Spring 2022

We Dance with Pride

15 Jan

A prominent part of my internship this semester was assisting in the planning of ABT’s inaugural Pride Night celebrations. The performances were a part of the Company’s Fall 2021 Season at the David H. Koch Theater. 2020 and 2021 were years of firsts and big changes for everyone. While navigating the world of digital and in-person, ABT embarked on its first Pride Night performances celebrating the ballet Touché choreographed by Christopher Rudd and danced by Calvin Royal III and João Menegussi. The male pas de deux explores queer love and confronts emotions of pain, fear, vulnerability, and unapologetically portrays love, lust, and passion. 

I was tasked with researching LGBTQIA+ organizations to invite to the event which included a photo exhibition by Quil Lemons, performance by Lypsinka, and Q&A moderated by Tommy Dorfman. Once I compiled the list, I drafted and sent invitation emails. I learned the important skill of finding the correct tone for an email, balancing being personable and professional, as I represented America’s National Ballet Company® – no pressure(!). 

As an intern, sitting in on Zoom meetings with multiple departments was very educational. While people were a wealth of knowledge about how to put on a show, everyone was still finding their footing as this was the first in-person season inside a theater since the pandemic started. A lot of heart and soul went into these nights. 

I attended the Saturday evening performance on October 30, 2021. There was so much love and compassion in the audience. When the dancers took their bows, the audience went wild and cheered with a standing ovation prompting more very deserved bows. It was not lost on us that the venue in which this event was held has a long history of exclusivity and privilege, thus making the night even more meaningful in that it honored and embraced marginalized communities.  

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a close-knit, creative, and supportive team. Pride Night was truly lifechanging and I, like many others, look forward to see how ABT continues to collaborate with and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community.  

Paloma Brooks 

Marketing Intern 

Fall 2021 

Worth the Wait

15 Jan

May 2020? No good. August 2020? No good. January 2021? Still no good. August 2021? Finally. After a year and a half of back and forth, yes’s and no’s, I finally set foot in the hallways of 890 Broadway to undergo the craziest, yet rewarding, 3.5 months of my life.  

My internship story is a unique one. My title? Education Media Intern. My job? Everything and more. Since first applying and being accepted into the program in May of 2020, I have been offered interviews and internships in many of the departments around ABT. Over the course of my application process,  I interviewed with the JKO School, the National Training Curriculum, the Press Department and the Executive Office. But in the long term, I got the best of all worlds. An internship that puts me right at the center of it all. It was definitely worth the 1.5 year wait to set foot in person amongst the chaos that would ensue as ABT works to comeback from their 2 year hiatus out of office.  

ABT is run on a tight ship, with a small but mighty crew that knows how to get it done. Within my months at ABT, I watched 8 months of hard work come to fruition as we finally brought students back to the studios. I got the opportunity to run a seminar with the National Training Curriculum staff, photograph principal dancers and students in the school, work on marketing analytics projects, and create tons of content for ABT’s social media platforms. With a foot in every door, I was able to create a unique, but equally fulfilling internship experience here at ABT.  

What I didn’t expect to get out of this internship were the opportunities to participate in professional development seminars, and really learn the ins and outs of this company from firsthand sources. The opportunity to talk to people in different facets of ABT gave me a lot of insight about the operations that go on behind the scenes to make ballet happen. Learning about all the hard work that goes unnoticed gives me a deeper appreciation for the nonprofit industry, and particularly for this company that I have admired for so long. To my surprise, we even got to talk with Misty Copeland, which was such an honor.  

I’m not sure what I expected to get out of this internship going into it, but what I ended up with was much more than I could have hoped for. From professional development to photographing classes, I feel so fulfilled as I come to the end of my internship. This program not only strives to give their interns the best opportunities, but gives them the tools they need to succeed in whatever capacity their future holds. I am excited to enter the offices at 890 again, whenever that day might come, but until then, I will miss the hustle and bustle of the Education Department and saying hi to so many familiar faces. 

Emma Zordan 

Education & Media Intern 

Fall 2021 

Reminiscing on My ABT Experience

15 Jan

As I finish up my internship with the marketing department, I am reminiscing on the various projects that I did. I came into the internship wondering how I would fit into such a large organization and curious as to how I would be impactful to the organization. I would be lying if I said that I was worried about being swallowed by its structure. However, I can confidently say that not only was I not swallowed by it, but I could see the direct impact of my projects withing the organization.  

Each project I worked on were tailored to my interests and skills, so my projects did not necessarily mirror the other intern in my department. One of my projects involved improving a heat map of sold seats in past season that is filterable by both year and performance in excel. This not only improved my skills in excel but the sheet is now used to easily compare sales from different seasons by the Marketing Manager. My other projects involved anything from creating a comp ticket reservation system, to analyzing ABT social media content to find the best forms of content. These projects were equally impactful in the organization and were both educational and engaging. 

Each Friday all the interns gathered for a meeting which featured incredible guests. Some speakers included the dancers and directors from each department who gave a presentation, and we were offered the opportunity to ask questions. There were also master classes on resumes, cover letter writing, and interview strategies. 

After working with the marketing department for several months I can say that everyone in the company is very kind, welcoming, and knowledgeable about what they do. Interacting with other interns was equally special, we all came from unique backgrounds which offered great opportunities to meet and converse with peers that will be lifelong connections. 

Luckily, I was an intern during the fall season. Not only did I work many performances, but I attended several shows every week. When I was working it was wonderful interacting with patrons and other staff. It was an instance where I would be able to talk with staff members from the development, education, press, and other departments. When the lights dimmed, and the performance started it was a privilege to know that I was involved in creating this performance at Lincoln Center. 

Austin Rannestad 

Marketing Intern 

Fall 2021 

Finding My Path

22 May

Interning at ABT has been a dream of mine for quite some time now. I remember working on my application packet for weeks, trying to perfect every small detail. When I received an email from Laura Miller asking if I was interested in a new Press Intern position, I began to cry (tears of joy of course!). When I walked into my interview, I was surprisingly calm. On the way to the conference room where my interview was being held, the sound of live piano music filled my ears. I could definitely get used to hearing that all day! A few hours after my interview, I found out that I had received the position. I could not believe that I was being given the chance to work at America’s National Ballet Company. Being the first Press Intern was a wonderful opportunity because myself along with the three other amazing women I had the pleasure of working with: Susie Morgan Taylor, Laura Miller, and Delia Brengel, figured it out together.

I remember my first week at ABT so vividly. I had no idea what to expect, and hadn’t thought about pursuing a career in Press, so I was intrigued by this new opportunity. On one of my first days, I walked into the office at 890 Broadway and was informed that I would be working on a Press feature that was being done on James Whiteside for In the Know. I remember greeting the film crew and making sure that they had everything they needed to set up. The crew needed to film a rehearsal, and Laura allowed me to sit in as well. That day, I had the honor of watching James Whiteside and Stella Abrera rehearse Giselle. The effortless nature of their movements took my breath away. I watched in awe as these beautiful dancers floated around the studio. In that moment, I truly realized how fortunate I was to be a part of American Ballet Theatre, even if only as an intern. Watching this beautiful art up close was just another part of the job, and was truly something that never ceased to amaze me. From writing and editing press releases, or organizing press clippings for the week, to walking past Misty Copeland in the hallway, my experience with ABT has been everything I thought it would be and so much more. I truly looked forward to going to work every day, and truly made the most of each moment. Although my time at ABT was cut short, I will cherish the time that I spent there, the people I have met, and the experiences that I had for the rest of my life. I am so honored to have been a part of this organization. Thank you to American Ballet Theatre and the Press Department for the best internship experience that I could have ever asked for.

Julia Lynch

Press Intern

Spring 2020

From Collegiate to Marketing

9 Jul

It’s hard to believe, but I’m already halfway through my time as an intern at American Ballet Theatre! The 2019 Met season has just ended, so it seems like a perfect time to reflect on my experience thus far.

Working at ABT has been a goal of mine since I attended the Collegiate Summer Intensive at 890 Broadway following my high school graduation. I remember walking the halls and noticing that everyone from the principal dancers to the financial analysts seemed to know one another personally. There was a strong sense of unity that I had never experienced at other companies, and it left a lasting impression on me. Exactly three years later I found the opportunity to apply for an intern position in the Marketing department, and here I am!

One of the things I appreciate most about the internship has been the strong focus on learning and involvement. Rather than just telling me to mindlessly copy numbers into a spreadsheet, my supervisors will sit down with me and explain what all the numbers mean and how they will be used once I’ve organized them. As a result, I feel like I leave the offices each day with a stronger understanding of how the company operates, and I’m able to speak in detail about the work that I’ve contributed.


Of course, the most exciting part of working at a performing arts organization is getting to see the shows. Some of my favorite moments have been going to the Members-Only Swan Lake dress rehearsal and getting a backstage tour at the Met. As a former dancer and lifelong fan of ABT, it was surreal to be able to get a behind-the-scenes look at how the magic happens night after night.

I look forward to seeing what the next four weeks bring!

Laura Alston

Marketing Intern

Summer 2019