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My Summer at ABT

27 Aug

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to intern at ABT. While here I was able to learn so much about the inner workings of the company and how a non-profit organization operates. Not only did I get to learn about the Marketing Department in my day-to-day work, I was also able to learn about all different departments through our weekly intern meetings. At these meetings I was able to learn about how a non-profit differs from a for-profit organization, I learned about the Institutional Support Department and what goes into the company receiving grants and donations, and I was able to learn about the Finance Department and what goes into the ABT budget and the different ways to manage and plan the finances so that the company can stay afloat.

Outside of the meetings I was in the Marketing Department helping with various projects and social media. The major project I worked on was an exhibit for the Google Cultural Institute, which involved a synopsis or description and a picture of every ballet the company has ever performed. I was able to work on this project on my own and it ended up being over 650 slides!

My favorite moment from my internship experience was getting a backstage tour of the met and even getting to walk onto the stage. It was so amazing to look out and see all of the seats and lights. It was even more amazing when I were backstage I saw Principal Dancer Hee Seo warming up before her performance of Onegin, which I got free tickets for.

My ABT experience has been a great one and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to learn in such an exciting and interesting environment.

Elena Schwartz

Marketing Intern

Summer 2017


Summer at ABT

24 Aug

I have been wearing two different hats at ABT this summer. On some days, I wear the “Administrative” baseball cap and then on other days I wear the “Marketing” beanie cap. And then on some days, I wear them both, either switching off, or at the exact same time. No matter which one I wear, the work is challenging, eye opening, and yes, fun.

Getting to work on our first Marketing Task Force initiative was an exciting experience. After watching a dress rehearsal of Swan Lake, we invited a group of some of the most distinguished members in the marketing field to partake in a strategy session. Getting to hear about what people outside of the ABT world think of ABT was fascinating. Who would have ever thought that the Vice President of HBO Sports would be an avid ballet fan? Or that a partner at Goldman Sachs would attend ABT’s performances at the Met two to three times a week? This task force initiative truly showed me how the rest of the world perceives and witnesses ABT as a leading ballet company.

Learning from Kim about the administrative world has been such a wonderful compliment to my time in the marketing department. In learning about the nuts and bolts that hold ABT together, I have been able to take that knowledge and apply it to my work in marketing. So much of marketing has to do with how much you believe in your “product” and my admin experience has only strengthened my belief in, and love for, ABT.

While the aforementioned may seem like an ABT “love fest,” it is the only way that I can describe my experience this summer. It is rare to be surrounded by kind colleagues and stimulating work, and ABT has provided me with both. No day is ever the same and no interaction is ever the same, thus leaving room for the unexpected. It is this type of spontaneity, combined with artistic passion and integrity that has made this summer at ABT one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling ones yet.

Jaime Rosenstein

Marketing and Administrative Intern

Summer 2017

One Actor’s Attempt to Split His Brain Between Art & Tech

28 Apr

Having been accepted to the Internship program as a ‘freelance marketing intern’, I have had the pleasure of carving out my own little niche at American Ballet Theatre.

From the time I was ten years old, I have been actively involved in the performing arts beginning with vocal music, followed after by acting and dance.  Upon entering college, I decided to major in graphic design and animation so as to lessen the financial burden of my acting career (headshots, reels, voiceover recordings, etc.).  In the process, I became completely interested in using technology to create art, from club posters to documentary films.  I found that the art I was most truly engaged in was art that I could not only perform, but bring to fruition according to my own design.

Upon joining ABT’s internship program, it was decided by my mentor, Dennis Walters, that my graphic design skills were best put to use by taking on various projects that granted me almost complete creative freedom, so long as I did not stray too much from ABT’s branding style.  For the first time, I felt like I had freedom, but at the same time felt restricted.  Most of my studies had been dedicated to designing whatever I wanted, any way that I wanted.  Working for ABT proved necessary for my professional development since, as a graphic designer, I must learn to adapt my skills to the branding style of whatever organization I am working for.  As a marketing intern, I must do what is best for the image of the organization, and not just what I think looks good to me.  This proved to be a blessing in disguise, as I am now more flexible idea-wise while brainstorming and am inspired to create multiple designs for each project I am assigned to, instead of settling on the first thing that satisfies my interests.

The sheer diversity of the projects I have been assigned thus far have truly pushed the bounds of my creativity, while providing some much needed practice in the various design software I learned to use in college.  Business cards, I.D. cards, stickers, posters, flyers, and brochures I have created during my internship will prove to be valuable additions to my professional portfolio as I advance in my career.  I am certain that my remaining time with ABT will continue to push the bounds of my creativity and provide me with many more opportunities to harness my craft and network with professionals in the arts.

Michael Petruso

Marketing Intern

Spring 2016

Marketing, Meat Judging and Ethan Stiefel

19 Jul

Intern Name: Cameron Morgan – @CameronMorgan_1 on Twitter/Instagram
Intern Department: Marketing
Intern Dates: Summer 2015

School/College/University: University of Oklahoma
Major: Ballet Performance & Public Relations
Year: Rising senior
Mentors/Bosses: Jim Timm, Dan Casatelli, Stephanie Rainess & Kristen McGuire
Fun Fact: I was a nationally ranked meat science judge through 4-H in high school. (Just ask Dennis)

Current Projects I worked on: A super-duper hush-hush project (!!!), research for the Fall 2015 Season (lots of new ballets and company premieres!), merchandising during shows at the Met, distributing promotional material for the Summer 2015 Met Season, and basically anything and everything they ask me to do!

* * *

This summer, I had the great fortune to intern with American Ballet Theatre. I worked in the Marketing Department and my responsibilities ranged from research to copyediting, with nearly everything in between. (But, I didn’t have to shred anything, make copies or fetch coffee, so that’s good!)

I loved coming to “work” every day here at American Ballet Theatre. In fact, they almost had to keep me from coming to the office! I’ve gotten to help on a number of projects that were essential to the marketing efforts of ABT, and I had fun doing it. I’ve learned a lot about the history of the company, both from an artistic and executive standpoint. And, what better season to intern at ABT than the 75th Anniversary?

As an aspiring professional dancer myself, I reveled in the fact that I got to see so many ballets this summer while working the merchandising boutiques at the Metropolitan Opera House. Honestly, what better inspiration than to see firsthand some of the greatest dancers in the world? In addition, I got to meet so many longtime supporters of Ballet Theatre, many of whom came night after night, show after show. Finally, I got to talk with many of the long-time volunteers and ushers who have watched ABT dancers for years.

This marketing internship combined my two passions, ballet and communication. I was able to see the behind-the-scenes of one of the greatest ballet companies in the world. I realized, in real-time, the impact of marketing and promotional efforts. Especially through social media, I was able to see how audiences reacted to the materials that we created and presented to them (photos and videos are extremely popular).

Overall, this internship has solidified my long-term goal: owning a public relations/marketing agency that caters to the needs of performing and fine arts organizations and the arts & culture sector. I found out obstacles that I would face in that endeavor as well – namely affordability, feasibility and artistic approval. However, in an effort to attract new audiences and retain current ones for the arts, we must find new ways to promote and connect with them. In the future, I hope to be able to take the experience that I have gained with ABT and use it in my career to help build the widest possible audience for the arts.

I’d like to thank all of the people here at ABT who I have met and who have invested their time in me. This has been a great and rewarding experience and I am grateful for the opportunity!
If you would like, please feel free to follow along as I strive for my goals by connecting with me on Twitter and Instagram at @CameronMorgan_1 or online at

Until next time!

Cameron Morgan

Marketing Intern

Summer 2015

Best day on the job? Meeting long-time dance hero, Ethan Stiefel!

Best day on the job? Meeting long-time dance hero, Ethan Stiefel!

My Picture with Craig!

29 Jul

This summer I have been interning in the Marketing Department of American Ballet Theatre. I have been working in their office on projects such as the advertisements for the Fall Season at the Koch Theater, “The Nutcracker” at BAM, and research for audience development. I also sold ABT merchandise at The Metropolitan Opera House, where ABT performs for eight weeks during their spring season. One of my favorite aspects of my internship, however, is working with the marketing staff on fun and creative ways to advertise and use social media. From picking “Nutcracker” pictures to finding Shakespeare quotes to go with photos from “The Dream”, I really loved being able to contribute to the marketing of ABT.

One of my favorite moments of my internship was taking this picture with ABT Soloist Craig Salstein backstage at the Met that was posted on ABT’s Facebook and Twitter pages. We took the photo because we both happen to be triplets! It was a creative way in which we could advertise the internship program at ABT, while giving people a backstage look at the Met. I am really glad I had the opportunity to meet Craig and help advertise the internship program, all while getting a behind-the-scenes look at how ABT runs their spring season at the Met. I am thankful for the opportunities I have had while interning at ABT, and recommend the program to anyone interested in learning first-hand about Arts Management or Arts Education.

Alexandra with fellow triplet ABT Soloist Craig Salstein backstage at the Met

Alexandra with fellow triplet ABT Soloist Craig Salstein backstage at the Met

Alexandra Tweedley

Marketing Intern

Summer 2014

Guest Speaker: CEO Rachel Moore

13 Aug
Marketing Intern Anne Sharpe with ABT CEO Rachel Moore

Marketing Intern Anne Sharpe with ABT CEO Rachel Moore

As a former ABT corps de ballet dancer, Rachel Moore’s passion for ballet and the company has been present since her childhood.  Her journey towards becoming the CEO of America’s National Ballet Company grew from her involvement with various arts non-profits, including the National Endowment for the Arts.  We learned that her position is highly intertwined with every department of ABT, including the creative side. Acting as a bridge between art and business, she orchestrates how fundraising, marketing, ticket sales, and the budget all function to create one cohesive ballet company.

The part I found most interesting is how she created a brand that defined the company’s goals and standards as artists:

(1)  ABT as a Leader in the creation of art, presenting world class versions of dance.

(2)  ABT as a Leader of arts education, teaching students and instructors alike healthy, classical ballet.

(3)    Maintaining a national presence in the arts.

(4)    Serve as ambassadors of American art and culture.

These four components put into simple words how I would describe American Ballet Theatre to any random person I met on the street. It was a great experience hearing how each our jobs tie into Ms. Moore’s overall vision of ABT.

The meeting ended with all of us discussing the path between being an intern and having the career of our dreams. After hearing her experiences, the road seems a little less hazy than it did even a month ago.

Anne Sharpe

Marketing Intern

Summer 2013

Marketing at ABT

30 Nov

by Lucia Elledge, Marketing Intern

During my tenure as a marketing intern for the fall of 2012 I worked on a variety of tasks such as initiating a sales analysis, conducting marketing research, and copy editing promotional materials.  I have always been interested in marketing, and this internship gave me invaluable insight into the field, as well as a more comprehensive knowledge of arts non-profits.  I was also able to gain knowledge of other fields within American Ballet Theatre through the insight of guest speakers and my participation in several of the development department’s donor events.   Ballet being a passion of mine, I could not have asked for a better place to have these opportunities!