Ten Transformative Weeks

3 Aug

EleniinternphotoWhen I walked into 890 Broadway on my first day, I immediately knew I was going to love my new internship. The office walls are covered with beautiful photographs of ABT through the years – right above my desk is a framed shot of Isabella Boylston as Odette in Swan Lake, and I never get tired of staring at it. What makes ABT so special isn’t just the decor, but the people who work here. To name a few, Steven, Brendan, Sarah, and Erin, the small but VERY mighty marketing team, are a huge reason why my experience has been so fantastic. They all welcomed Emily (the photography intern) and me into the ABT family from day one.

As an ABT intern, you’re not given the stereotypical internship “grunt work.” One of my favorite parts of this internship is that I have had the opportunity to work on projects that directly contribute to the organization. Each assignment teaches you something new, and it is impossible to get bored. The marketing team wears many hats, which means as an intern, you do too. In a single day, I make sales reports in Excel, design eBlasts that promote our upcoming performances, adjust box office pricing, and draft posts for ABT’s social media. One minute I’ll be scrolling through hundreds of photos to find the perfect fit for an email, and then the next I’ll be calculating figures in Excel – which is exactly why this internship is so amazing. You get to be creative, organized, mathematical, and strategic, and the best part is that you have the chance to be a part of such an inspiring and passionate group of people.

One of my favorite moments this summer was when I had the opportunity to see Don Quixote, which was the first ballet I attended this season. The dancers were whimsical and incredible (as always), and the performance was utterly fantastic. I realized how amazing it is that the work that is done at 890 Broadway helps share this inspiring art form with thousands of people every single year. As an intern, you have the opportunity to be a part of the special ABT family – you become part of what goes on behind-the-scenes, what makes these performances possible. This has been a transformational experience, and I’m so thankful to ABT for all that I have gained and learned!

Eleni Scurletis

Marketing Intern

Summer 2018


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