Amazed Blessed Thankful

10 Dec

… would best describe my feelings related to my experience as a studio intern at American Ballet Theatre this semester!

I had the absolute privilege to work with the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School for my internship this semester, a new intern position. Working with the amazing staff of ABT JKO School was inspiring to say at least! I was so happy to get to helpwith weekly projects like students’ attendances and incident reports, mid-year evaluations and more. Getting to work with the strong and intelligent women in the office made me realize how much work goes into keeping the school functioning at its peak and how passionate and dedicated everyone is.

Another amazing aspect of my internship was that of class assisting. What an amazing opportunity to be an actual part of the classes and work with such great educators like Sonia Jones and Jaime Hickey! Working with kids was so rewarding and heartwarming!

Some of the most special parts of this internship experience was the intern weekly meetings we had as well as the events/workshops I had the opportunity to help with and attend. Not only did I get to see the company perform during their Fall season at David Koch Theatre, but I got to attend the “Raising the Barre workshop”, where some of the best teaching artists shared their valuable knowledge with us! During our meetings I had the honor to spend time with some incredible people and leaders in the ABT community, get tips from the professionals in this organization and was offered valuable advice and information about non-profits and arts administration.

I could never fully put into words how grateful I am for this opportunity and cannot thank enough Dennis Walters, Katie Ferris and Katie Currier for treating me so well and being so accommodating whenever I had a question! I have a great respect for them and the skills I gained through this program and I will cherish them for life!

Thank you ABT!

Dioni Georgitsou

JKO Studio Intern

Fall 2018

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