Passion For Pliés

12 Dec

For the past three months, I have had the opportunity to witness and be a small part of the beauty that is the American Ballet Theatre. I am a part of the JKO School through the newly designed internship, studio management, in which I am able to assist ballet classes for children three to eight years old. This past August, I had privilege of attending the National Training Curriculum Intensive for Pre-Primary to Level 3 and I was able to become a certified instructor. After obtaining my certification, I was very eager to apply my newly learned skills and to see this curriculum “in action.”

I knew I belonged at this internship after a special moment with a young student in October. Before class one day, the student ran up to me saying, “Miss Alison, look! I have to show you my perfect tendu!” She then proceeded to tell me that she had been practicing all week and had been showing off her skills. When I first met her, she was very shy and hesitant to speak or even perform any combinations. Now, she is an energetic and confident five-year-old that has found a passion for dancing. This was the moment that I realized my work and involvement in the classes had been making a difference in the children’s self-confidence. Overall, I have seen the children transform not only into ballet dancers but also into students that take pride in their accomplishments.

I have learned that a great deal has to go on behind the scenes in order for the JKO School to be success and to run smoothly. I have been able to witness all of the administrative work that must be done such as tracking attendance records, organizing class schedules, financial budgets, and the formation and application of expectations for students and parents. As this is a year-long internship, I am looking forward to expanding my skills next semester and delving more into the administrative duties as I know this is crucial for studio management. This is just one facet of the new season of my life that I am entering. I am now transitioning from dancer to dance teacher and I am hoping to instill in the children this passion and appreciation that I have for dance. I am grateful for the inspiration that the teachers and staff at ABT have given me as I have observed the passion that they have for the future generation of dancers.

Alison Felici

Studio Management Intern

Fall 2018

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