Here’s Why You Should Be An Intern With ABT

10 May

Growing up, I was a huge ballet fan; I loved readings about the stories, watching videos online,
and catching the latest performances. However, as I got older, I slowly lost touch with the art
form and wondered if I would ever have the opportunity to combine my love for dance with my
knowledge of marketing. Little did I know my ambitions of earning an ABT internship would turn
into a reality this past spring semester.

During my time as a marketing intern with ABT, I had the pleasure of working on various social
media efforts, tracking performance history, and generating ideas for the ABT Across America
Tour. However, while I could use this post to discuss each project in detail, I would like to talk
about the one aspect that truly made this a special experience: the people.
Starting on day one, I was quickly integrated into the marketing team. Even on a Zoom call, I
could feel the excitement buzzing through the computer screen. Each member was passionate
about their current projects and eager to start developing the next ones. The team had
immediate trust in my abilities, letting me know about the many amazing concepts people were
working on and often asking me to share my opinions. I was always encouraged to create and
present my own ideas for potential marketing projects, a lot of which would ultimately be
explored or brought to fruition.

I worked closely with marketing team members Steven, Brittany, Bethany, and Connor — all of
whom were some of the kindest, most driven people I have ever had the pleasure of working
with. Each of these individuals had unique backgrounds that they would use to offer a fresh
approach to marketing an event. While ballet may have its traditions, the marketing team was
always looking for ways to draw in a new audience or to reinvent a current convention. Every
day, there were new obstacles and surprising opportunities, something that is very exciting to an
aspiring marketing professional looking for variance in a day-to-day work experience.
Yet, what impressed me most about the ABT company was the community’s mission to create
an inclusive and innovative work environment. Having weekly discussions, the company was
devoted to creating the most positive experience for every employee — whether that be on the
artistic or management side. Such a mission only demonstrates how much the company values
its employees, repertoire, and audiences.

As I reflect on what has been a wonderful experience, I have a few parting words. If you want to
meet compassionate, talented people, apply for an ABT internship. If you want to work on
meaningful projects, apply for an ABT internship. And, if you want to be heard while contributing
to an organization that is challenging the professional ballet landscape, apply for an ABT

To Steven, Brittany, Bethany, Connor, Rachel, and Lourdes: thank you for teaching me about
marketing for a nonprofit organization. I cannot wait to see all the spectacular ideas you create
in the coming future.

Sasha Cohen
Marketing Intern
Spring 2021

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