Summer at ABT

10 Aug

I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to intern for American Ballet Theatre (ABT) this summer. When I applied for in February, there were very few performing arts organizations that would accept graduate students for intern due to the pandemic. However, ABT was almost the only one that was accepting interns as usual.

I am impressed that the internship system itself is very well organized. For instance, there are weekly meetings for interns, where we can have a valuable conversation with the executive director, and managers from the finance, marketing, education, and development department. ABT generously provided us with valuable opportunities to get to know the administration and management job at the nonprofit performing arts organization. In addition, through the intern meetings, there was a unique opportunity for us to receive detailed and practical advice from our mentor on cover letters, resumes, and interview tips in preparation for job searching. Through this opportunity, we were able to gain a wide range of knowledge and practical perspective about ballet company management. 

I can’t thank ABT administrators enough for the effort they put into supporting us during this unprecedented situation. Throughout the internship, what struck me was that I never heard a negative word about the challenge of the pandemic. They were resilient in the face of it and even made the organization stronger. For example, ABT has greatly increased its digital content in both performances and education programs. Also, ABT held free outdoor performances, ABT Across America, all over the country. In addition, the education department, where I interned, utilizes zoom to deliver education programs and ballet lessons to over 240,000 participants by 2020. The online program will continue even after the pandemic as a tool to reach out to a wide range of people in the United States and abroad.

The arts administrators I met at ABT are wonderful as a human with excellent practical skills, and I was inspired by them every day. I have never seen such an incredible organization or company in my life. I would like to become an administrator like them in the future.

Ayano Sato

Education and Training Intern

Summer 2021

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