9 Months with ABT

7 Jun

Walking through the halls of 890 Broadway never ceases to remind me how lucky I am to be apart of ABT’s family. The pictures on the walls, the classical music being played live while company dancers stretch and rehearse, and the hustle and bustle of the JKO students on the 4th floor, running into Gillian Murphy in the elevator, it all culminates into one big inspirational experience. 9 months of ABT, 4 months in office, and 4 months remote. At this point, I can probably say I’ve done it all, or at least it feels like it.

This internship marked my second with the ABT teams. The first I spent in 890 working with Education, and the second I spent with the Marketing Team remotely. From initially coming back from COVID and into the office, to our first live performances at Lincoln Center, there were moments that were inevitably stressful, but equally as fulfilling. In January, I started working under Brittany and Steven, who are two of the managers in the marketing department. The marketing team was incredibly welcoming to me, and never let my hard work go unnoticed. One of the coolest opportunities I got to take part in, was the development and execution of our Summer 2022 Campaign. Within my first weeks in this new role, I was thrown into the deep end, as the team worked tirelessly to make ends meet and finalize the nitty gritty details. Everything from creating Google ads, to photoshopping backgrounds, and discussing music choices for the campaign video, were things my team dealt with during this time frame. Needless to say, there was no room for me to just be an intern. I knew I had to deliver work that matched the dedication of the rest of the team.

I will never forget how kind the entire staff at ABT was to me and my fellow interns. I have created some of the most amazing relationships with people in the Marketing Department, and the other interns in the program. From Cynthia Harvey saying hi to me from across the room as she taught the Pre-Professional Division students, to joking with Brittany and Steven over zoom calls, my internship is definitely something I will never forget. Thinking about the enormous network I was able to build during my time here, makes me excited for my future. I can’t wait to return to 890 soon and say hi to the familiar faces behind the masks.
Emma Zordan
Marketing Intern
Spring 2022

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