The World of JKO

9 May

I am so grateful for having the opportunity to intern at ABT because it has been a wonderful and unique learning experience. Each day I learn something new about the day-to-day managing of the JKO School. Saturdays in particular are the busiest, since both the Children’s Division and the Pre-Professional Division have classes all day. However, I really enjoyed coming to ABT on Saturdays because I was able to take a more active role in helping the students and their parents. Some of the things I helped with were: accompanying the younger students to their classes, helping them fix their ballet buns, finding the right pair of shoes when they forgot theirs at home, running the boutique sales, and answering any questions parents might had.

Another great thing about interning at ABT is that there are so many opportunities to be involved and help in various events. For example, I volunteered as an usher at the Ailey Citigroup Theater for the ABT Studio Company’s performance. And I also helped chaperone a group from the Children’s Division when they performed at the Kaye Playhouse. This, for me, was really important because I was able to get a full picture of the organization and gain knowledge and experience from different roles. Right now, we are preparing for the JKO School’s spring performances at the NYU Skirball Center and I am sure that all the hard work that has been done by everyone at the school will make the performance a big success!

Alejandra Castillo

JKO Intern

Spring 2018

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