The Heart of ABT

22 May

Coming into my internship at ABT, I was super intimidated – to say the least. I have admired ABT’s work and Artistry since childhood. So, getting the opportunity to be an Education Intern the semester was something that really scared me. It wasn’t an opportunity I ever expected to have. But, from the first day, I was welcomed with opened arms. Even during my first week in the office, I felt like I was already a member of the team. 

No two days in the office were ever the same. I was always working on a myriad of different projects. Some days I was at my desk all day, working on Intern Applications or sending emails to schools. Other days, I was running around the building with kids who were here on a field trip. And some days, I was surrounded by glitter and pipe cleaners, while I made some crafts. I loved coming into the office everyday not knowing what to expect. Everyday was an adventure, as I never knew what fun task I was going to get to do. One of my favorite days during my internship was when I got to accompany my mentor Dennis on several meetings. I spent the whole day attending meetings with almost every single department. I already knew that ABT was a special place, before I even arrived. But, it was then that I truly realized what made this place so special – the people who worked here.

As the second half of my internship transitioned to an online platform, I found that what I was missing the most was the people. One of the best things I have walked away with from this experience has been seeing firsthand all the work that goes into creating the artistry I have always admired. I have learned so much about what it means to approach every task with thoughtfulness. As I worked closely with Amanda, Dennis, and Richard, I saw the amount of dedication and passion that they put into everything. Even the things that maybe seemed insignificant or small. It has challenged me to do the same. They have inspired me to approach my work in a different way. This is what makes ABT such a special place. Everyone loves what they do and you can see and feel it in their work.

If you have the chance to intern with ABT, you’re not only interning at one of the most amazing ballet institutions, but you’re also interning with some of the most amazing people in New York City. Leaving this internship is bittersweet. I am sad that this wonderful time has come to an end, but I am grateful to have met such wonderful people. People I now look up to so dearly.

Camryn Rose Pillay

Education Outreach Intern

Spring 2020


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